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To help answer your questions on our product ranges we have listed some of the more commonly asked questions and answers.

If you find that your question is still not answered then please contact us via e-mail at info@emeraldlawns.ie

Any advice offered verbally and/or in writing by Emerald Lawns is offered purely as a very general guide. Before taking any action, accurate, expert and individual advice on the specific problem should be obtained.

N.B. Product specifications can change without prior notice and as Emerald Lawns are living, growing crops with ongoing maintenance, we cannot guarantee a match from batch to batch or order to order. Degradable mesh netting is incorporated in some of our products.

Emerald Dew – Fescue/Bent
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Emerald Glade with Kentucky Bluegrass
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Emerald Gold with Bargold Dwarf Ryegrass
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Emerald Dwarf with Dwarf Ryegrass
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Emerald Isle with Dwarf Ryegrass
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