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Ireland Home Owners Guide to Turf Grass

Emerald Lawns was established back in the 1980s and is still today Ireland’s leading cultivated turfgrass sod grower, with in excess of 200 acres of the lightest, stone free land in the country, specifically selected, tested & dedicated for this purpose. Our size, structure and experience allows us to produce the highest quality turfgrass sod at competitive prices, even when delivered to any location in Ireland. Emerald Lawns are the most frequently specified turfgrass sod grower for unrivalled quality, performance & value. We continue to supply some of the most prestigious and demanding customers in the country, including: Landsdowne Road, Dublin and the K Club in County Kildare, as well numerous other leading organisations.

When you purchase Emerald Lawns, you buy time & our unrivalled experience in producing the perfect lawn.

Emerald Lawns can be laid at any time of the year, unlike sowing lawn seed, which is seasonally restricted from Spring to Autumn.

Why battle with the growing pains of trying to establishing a lawn from seed & combating weeds, when Emerald Lawns are instant & supplied guaranteed free from broad leaved weeds – saving you time & money.

Installation & Other Landscaping Services

Emerald Lawns specialises in turfgrass sod production and we do not offer any installation services. If you require a contact for installation of Emerald Lawns in your local area, please email us: info@emeraldlawns.ie

Ready to upgrade your lawn?

If you are ready to upgrade your lawn, Emerald Lawns are ready to help you. We are the leading supplier of turf-grass in Ireland, so you know you are in good hands.

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