Emerald Lawns versus seeding lawn

Turf Grass vs Seeding a Lawn Ireland

Time of year to install seed versus Emerald Easilawn

Seed – not recommended for Winter or Summer, possibly in Spring, best in Autumn for most areas.

Emerald Easilawn – Year round installation, even on frozen ground. But not when ground has snow cover.

Installation Cost – Seed versus Emerald Easilawn

Seed – Initially this is lower, although TOTAL cost during the first 12 months is similar to turfgrass.

Emerald Easilawn – Initially highest, but often less than the total cost of established from seed, when considered over a 12 month period, or to equivalent mature stage of turfgrass.

Cost versus Value of Seed to Turfgrass

Seed – Higher risk of failure due to lack of establishment. Higher management and maintenance costs, compounded by substantially increased water and chemical applications, as well as delay of use, poor uniformity and visually unappealing are trade-offs for lower initial installation costs.

Emerald Easilawn – Installation costs offset by added values of timing, usability, uniformity and visual appeal. Reduced maintenance, chemical and water costs enable an earlier return investment.

Seed Quality of seed versus Turfgrass

Seed – Extremely variable because of germination rates, weed and foreign matter content, unknown or specified varieties. Generally lower quality seed than used in cultivated turfgrass production.

Emerald Easilawn – Each batch of Emerlad Lawn seed is laboratory tested before sowing. Only the best cultivars are selected. Cultivars are selected based on worldwide research.
Water Requirments for Seed versus Turfgrass

Seed – Highest water needs – bare soil dries out very quickly.

Emerald Easilawn – Lowest water needs – water at installation to a depth of 6 inches (150mm), then light watering for next 2-3 weeks. Grass will shade soil and prevent drying.

Uniformity of Coverage of Seed Versus Turfgrass

Seed – Seeding varieties, ratews, germination times, washout (erosion), traffic, feeding birds and rodents can create spottiness.

Emerald Easilawn – 99% to 100% uniformity with use of mature purpose grown Emerald Lawns.

Site Suitability (Run off Erosion) for Seed versus Turfgrass

Seed – Heavy rains or sloping areas will cause seed, chemicals and site to wash onto pavements and into sewer systems, with little if any protection for several months.

Emerald Easilawn – Capable of accepting heavt rains without erosion or damage. With up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant in its roots, it makes a very efficient erosion prevention device, also removing soil particles from silty water.

Weed Control of Seed versus Turfgrass

Seed – Multiple applications of chemical usually are required to combat competitive weed invasions until well established.

Emerald Easilawn – Minimal, if any, chemical control required.

Useability of Seed Versus Turfgrass

Seed – Low traffic use for 2 – 4 months after seeding with faster germinating seed. Normal to high use after first year.

Emerald Easilawn – Low traffic immediately. Normal, high traffic levels within 2 or 3 weeks.

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