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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of Emerald Lawn & what are the prices?

Yes the price depends on the grade & delivery location. Please click here to obtain prices and options.

How do I know how much turf to order?

Click here for our “Measuring Guide”

Will you deliver to where I live and how long does it take?

Yes, we can normally provide a national "next working day" delivery service throughout Ireland. Please click here for details.

Can I choose a day and time for delivery?

You can select from the delivery days specified when ordering. To order please click here. However due to logistical reasons, it is not possible for us to guarantee the time of the delivery. The driver will automatically be instructed to telephone your contact telephone number at least 30 minutes prior to arrival (or with whatever notice you may request). We therefore recommend that you select a delivery date for the day before you are planning to lay your lawn, as the delivery time could potentially be late in the day selected.

How are Emerald Lawns delivered?

Your Emerald Lawn is harvested in rectangular strips which are rolled up and palletised. The pallets are then delivered and off-loaded at your specified delivery address. It is important there is sufficient safe & suitable access for commercial delivery vehicles and their off-loading, which is normally at the kerbside, as close to the property as the driver deems that access and safety permits. 

What are the dimensions & coverage of each roll when they are rolled out?

Normally 610mm x 1640mm (24 x 64 inches) = one sq. metre (1.196 sq. yard) and 19mm (3/4 inch) thick, weighing 15-20Kgs (33-44lbs). N.B. All figures are approximate.

What is the best time of the year to lay Emerald Lawns?

Conveniently at any time of the year, although it must be kept sufficiently damp until it has rooted into the soil below. Therefore during the summer, you may have to pay extra attention to watering. Consequentially, during the winter it is not at such risk of drying out, but root growth is slower, and therefore you will have to wait a little longer before you can use your new lawn.

Can I lay Emerald Lawns on my old lawn and how are they laid?

We recommend that the base is prepared as for seeding a new lawn, i.e firm & level topsoil. Please click here for details on “How to create the perfect Emerald Lawn”

How long can I leave the Emerald Lawns rolled up?

As Emerald Lawns are a perishable product, they should be laid as soon as possible & definitely within 24 hours of delivery & immediately water sufficiently until fully eastablished. Please click here for further information.

When can I walk on my new Emerald Lawn?

Try to stay off the lawn until the new roots have transplanted into the soil, binding it together and making it firmer to withstand potential foot impressions.

When it’s laid, what do l need to do?

Ensure it is adequately watered immediately, otherwise the rolls may shrink, leaving gaps between the joints. Please click here for further information.

When do l start mowing my Emerald Lawn?

When the lawn is firm enough to walk on, commence mowing, where no more than 25% of the initial height is removed. Click here for further details.

Toadstools have appeared on my recently laid Emerald Lawn. Are they harmful?

These are formed from spores which occur naturally in fertile soils when disturbed by the harvesting process. They are completely harmless and normally only occur in the first year, during conditions of warm, wet weather.

Grubs have appeared in my lawn. Are they harmful?

Certain types of grubs or slugs can cause severe damage to lawns by eating the grass roots. Sometimes birds feeding on these pests during the Autumn/Winter periods will be a sign of a potential problem. Identify the exact pest present and then apply a suitable insecticide as stated on the product label. For more information follow this link:

Why should I buy from Emerald Lawns?

Emerald Lawns is Ireland’s leading turfgrass sod grower, with in excess of 200 acres of the lightest, stone free land in the country, specifically selected, tested & dedicated for this purpose. Our size and structure allows Emerald Lawns to produce the highest quality turfgrass sod at competitive prices, even when delivered to any location in Ireland. Emerald Lawns are the most frequently specified turfgrass sod grower for unrivalled quality, performance & value.

Is the Emerald Lawns website secure?

The financial section of our website is controlled by - Ireland’s favourite payment service provider.  Realex Payments hosts a secure, merchant-branded web page. They collect the card details and process the payment, with the results of the transaction sent back to us from Realex.

If you have any further queries not answered in this section then please contact us.